May 10, 2018

Public Speaking Stuff

Here are my notes from your Great Speeches presentations. Please excuse any typos. I was typing as fast as I could while you spoke. These are the notes I'll use to create your quiz for next Monday 5/14.

April 30, 2018

The Catch-Up Place for English II

Based on traffic to the blog lately, I'm changing the format. Since I haven't been good at keeping up with daily posts, here's a resource for English II. Email me if you have individual needs for makeup work in English II. You can also text me at [Nine-One-Nine 374-0175] .

Here are your journal topics for the semester.

Vocabulary Unit 7
Vocabulary Unit 8
Vocabulary Unit 9
Vocabulary Unit 10
Vocabulary Unit 11
Vocabulary Unit 12

February 8, 2018